Healing Ourselves Through Relationship

If you feel like things don’t often work out or you are stuck in a cycle of conflict with your loved ones, colleagues, friends and people with whom you interact and want to transform this dynamic, read on Oftentimes when we feel like things are not working out, we have a tendency to have tunnelContinue reading “Healing Ourselves Through Relationship”

Increasing Wealth and Happiness

If you are looking for a way to increase your wealth and your happiness level I invite you to read on and consider an approach that you will not find in typical business school training books, or promoted by moguls or media influencers, but that will nonetheless offer the opportunity for a wealthier and happierContinue reading “Increasing Wealth and Happiness”

Don’t Worry, Plan and Be Happy

If you have not been able to break the worry habit, but want to do so, this is for you It seems that in our fast paced society, worrying is considered a sign of caring and responsibility, and enjoying the moment and peace of mind are signs of immaturity or carelessness. At some point asContinue reading “Don’t Worry, Plan and Be Happy”