Healing Ourselves Through Relationship

Our Life is a Net of Interconnected Relationships

If you feel like things don’t often work out or you are stuck in a cycle of conflict with your loved ones, colleagues, friends and people with whom you interact and want to transform this dynamic, read on

Oftentimes when we feel like things are not working out, we have a tendency to have tunnel vision and look only at the challenge or conflict that is more immediately commanding out attention. This is natural and a psychological defense mechanism so we don’t get overwhelmed and in a way allows us to deal with issues one by one

But sometimes it is important to stop and look at the pattern that emerges once we contemplate back at a series of mishaps.

You see, when we conceptualize the different aspects of our life as separate, we don’t have the benefit of looking at the big picture. Imagine that you are building a puzzle, and you only look at the next piece you pick up in relation to Only the last piece you were able to match, instead of looking at the photo of the finished puzzle, how efficient could one be in solving the puzzle this way?

When we consider the interrelatedness of the pieces of our life, we stand a better chance of creating meaningful change in the direction of our best vision

To generate harmonious improvement in our way of life, we have to look at how we relate to:

  • Ourselves and our spirituality
  • People in our sphere of awareness
  • Money and material possessions
  • Food, drink and other basic human needs
  • Our Aspirations and dreams

When we relate to these aspects from a place of true understanding and Love, respect and freedom from fear, we will find that each aspect supports and feeds from the others, creating a virtuous cycle

When our relationship to any of these aspects is dominated by fear of loss, greed, possession or aversion, that toxic relationship will spread to other aspects of our life, generating mental, emotional and physical discomfort and dis ease

By regularly and systematically contemplating each of these aspects and cultivating awareness of imbalances, we can take steps to heal any disfunction as it arises and we become aware of it

In essence, becoming friends with ourselves and being honest about our feelings towards each of the aspects of our life, we can more effectively either fix our issues, or seek the help we need to fix them and move on to the work of materializing our vision of a wonder full life

Published by Gilberto Arias

Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, MBA and Business Owner Sharing from my knowledge and experience to help you achieve lasting personal and organizational change to improve your world

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