Life Transformation

Offering Services and Personal Practices for Intentional Transformation

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Is a meditative and healing practice that can be taught to anyone

Benefits of Reiki are improved health, outlook on life, mental emotional stamina and reduced stress

Yoga & Meditation

While learning Yoga & Meditation can take years and be a frustrating process, I have designed a course that will provide you all the tools you need to establish a sound practice in a short time and enjoy its benefits

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation among others are improved mobility, flexibility and strength, improved health and mental clarity and serenity

Transformative Retreats & Workshops

City or Destination Retreats to Help You Arrive at a more balanced state of clarity and serenity to re encounter your Self and help you live expressing your potential

Each workshop and retreat is focused on you

Personal and Relationship Healing

We will work with you from a practical perspective to determine what are some of the issues that are impacting you to release and heal the relationship to yourself and to others with the aim of releasing suffering and changing the patterns that sabotage your health, serenity and life goals

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