Healing Relationships

Return to harmony

The shape and quality of the relationships with ourselves, our loved ones, our partners and co-workers and all those with whom we interact can be a source of major stress, illness and pain for us and all those involved

We will work on reshaping relationships and ending toxicity without compromising the essential integrity of those involved

Immediate Family Relationships

When your relationships are a significant source of stress, we will work with you to address your relationships to arrive at harmony

Extended Family & Social Relationships

If these are a source of conflict or impacting negatively your other relationships or other aspects of your life, we can help you contemplate necessary changes to these relationships

Business & Career Relationships

Business and Career relationships to a large degree impact your financial success, which in turn impact other aspects of your life, so we will work with you to review these interactions and explore what tools need to be developed to turn them into a source of support

This work is offered as personal mentoring or as a workshop

View the calendar or contact me to determine dates for the next workshop or contact me to set up a one on one

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