Self Care

Every aspect of your life is impacted by your personal wellness

How we perceive and react to ourselves, the world, events, people, relationships, events and opportunities are inevitably a result of our physical, mental and emotional health

Our body, mind and emotions are the foundation upon which we build the architecture of our life

We will focus on You and how to arrive at a state of wellness

The main areas we will explore are


What we eat, drink and breathe are the fuel that coupled with our genetics and life habits, will determine what type of body we have, and how much energy and mental stamina we have

Physical activity

You are unique, we will focus on determining what type of physical activity best suits your life, energy level and personality so you remain on path and achieve a healthy, lean and vigorous body

Stress reduction

We will focus on identifying your main stress triggers and techniques and steps to reduce stress

We can schedule private mentoring or in a group workshop setting

View the Calendar or Contact me to determine the dates of the next workshop or to schedule one on one

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