Increasing Wealth and Happiness

Happiness and Wealth are not opposites nor the same,
they can nurture each other

If you are looking for a way to increase your wealth and your happiness level I invite you to read on and consider an approach that you will not find in typical business school training books, or promoted by moguls or media influencers, but that will nonetheless offer the opportunity for a wealthier and happier lifestyle

What is it ?

Whenever I am looking to improve something I begin with a clear definition of what I am trying to improve so let’s look t brief definitions of income, wealth and happiness

Income is an inflow of money, most times that inflow comes comes as a result of our exchange of services or products, but it can also come from gifts or entitlements. Wealth on the other hand is defined by The Merriam-Webster Dictionary as an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources, while Happiness is defined as “the state of being happy” which is then defined as a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

What it is not

Sometimes we confuse happiness with a state of exhilaration or excitement which by its nature is difficult to sustain, requiring a stream of events or possessions that are perceived as pleasurable, and if we want to increase this, then inevitably we look for consumption of products and experiences in ever increasing magnitude of stimulation, burning through resources, time and mental, emotional and physical energy. Instead, the concept and practice of contentment and gratitude carry the seeds of true happiness

Contentment is the foundation of enjoyment of what is in the present while we continue working diligently and honestly in creating the life we want

This does not mean stagnation of income and wealth

As we get better at the practice of contentment, the anxiety of the future begins to recede, allowing us to work with clarity and detachment in producing the income and accumulating wealth in all its forms, including financial.

As our consumption begins to rebalance and decrease below the income we already produce due to the enjoyment of what we already have, the excess of energy, time and financial resources can be used to explore activities that increase abundance, such as education, spirituality, nurturing relationships, health and community. As these aspects of our life improve, our happiness quotient is sure to improve rapidly and in turn our potential for more enlightened material wealth creation is increased, creating a virtuous cycle.

A better concept of wealth for happiness

We must release our conditioning that tells us wealth is only about material abundance if we are to enjoy both happiness and abundance. Indeed without taking care of all facets of our being, there is not enough wealth in the world that will bring us happiness. If we neglect our physical, mental and emotional health and growth, we damage our relationships, overspend our resources and live in constant worry, anxiety and pain of one sort or another.

Our concept of wealth must grow to encompass the entire sphere of our life and recognize that each part of our life is interconnected and a movement in one part affects the others, lets call it Interconnected Wealth

What does Interconnected wealth look like ?

  • Having access to sufficient financial resources to care for myself and my loved ones beyond basic needs, while being able to contribute to causes to which I feel in alignment for the compassionate improvement and sustainment of our society and the earth
  • Access and opportunity for personal growth and meaningful education
  • Having the mental and emotional freedom and strength to live honoring the life principles I have accepted and adopted
  • Holding Nurturing, loving and respectful relationships and human interactions
  • Working and living in a Physically and emotionally Healthy environment that nurtures the fulfillment of Human needs and dignity
  • Access to peaceful space and time to explore connection with Self and Divinity
  • Freedom of personal choice and means for compassionate expression
  • Time and space to rest and regenerate physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Access to the experience of beauty as it resonates with me
  • The freedom and opportunity to co-create a more just and compassionate society that respects and nurtures human dignity and expression regardless of differences

As we pursue interconnected wealth, the possibility for happiness is inherent both in the pursuit and the accomplishment

Published by Gilberto Arias

Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, MBA and Business Owner Sharing from my knowledge and experience to help you achieve lasting personal and organizational change to improve your world

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