Don’t Worry, Plan and Be Happy

If you have not been able to break the worry habit, but want to do so, this is for you

It seems that in our fast paced society, worrying is considered a sign of caring and responsibility, and enjoying the moment and peace of mind are signs of immaturity or carelessness. At some point as we begin to grow up, we are taught that if we don’t worry about the future or overanalyze the potential consequences of doing or not doing something, we are not responsible and are headed for unknown and terrible doom.

But there is a fine balance between being responsible by considering potential consequences of future events, actions or inactions, and unproductive speculation and worrying. Another word for worrying is preoccupation, which describes very well the actual process

Instead of worrying, practice breathing deeper with full attention and then get busy formulating and writing a plan

  • Define the issue that is causing you to worry or become preoccupied, the clearer the definition, the better
  • Clarify if you are facing a potential risk, something that is in the future or a present situation ?
  • Determine which areas of your life are actually being affected or would be affected and which are not, focusing on the areas of impact will focus your creative energy
  • Make a list of the skills, knowledge and and resources you have to mitigate or eliminate any negative impacts
  • Make a list of the actions that you can take based on what you have and what you know
  • Ask for help early if you need it

By regulating your breath and having a basic plan for what is worrying you, even if the plan has to change, your mind will tend to move on from this issue, providing clarity and peace of mind

Published by Gilberto Arias

Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, MBA and Business Owner Sharing from my knowledge and experience to help you achieve lasting personal and organizational change to improve your world

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