The Key to Transformation

If one of our goals in life is to discover who we are and be our true selves, why then think about transformation? And if we want to transform any aspect of ourselves, how can we succeed in a manner that doesn’t feel so stressful ?

If you have ever pondered this questions, read on …

While most of us may intellectually agree that change is inevitable, instinctively we try to hold onto those aspects of our self and our life that are pleasing to us while trying to change our external environment, often with mixed results at best

What we sometimes think of as our true self is coated in layers of conditioning that many times don’t allow us to actually relate from truth and joy to others or our circumstances while being compassionate and helping to nurture happiness for us and others

While it would seem like a good idea to have our vision materialized on the universe every time, and to do and be as we please, since we all hold different visions, it would probably be chaotic and would lead to infringement either on our free will or others’.

And as much as we try, we cannot really hold the universe constant. Sometimes We notice that the people around us, situations, and our immediate and societal environments change at a pace faster than we would like or in a direction that contradicts our personal vision

When confronted with ongoing conflict, We have the choice of spending time, intelligence and energy trying to change the external environment, which sometimes is the right thing to do, or work to adjust our perspective

If after thoughtful consideration we have decided that an internal change is needed, then the following suggestions may help to ease the process

  • Spend a few minutes in a quiet and comfortable space exploring what internal resistance to change you feel
  • As yourself if the feelings of resistance arise from fear of the unknown, a previous experience or attachment to a certain belief that may no longer be true or relevant to what you wish to change
  • If arising from fear or a previous experience, spend some time breathing and realizing that the experience you fear may never materialize
  • If arising from a belief, hold in your mind the opposite belief or idea, without forcing yourself to accept the new one, just hold both in your mind for awhile and observe any feelings or related ideas that appear
  • Visualize yourself thinking, speaking, acting and feeling in a manner consistent with your desired new state of being
  • Pick a small, doable way of acting consistent with your new vision and practice daily and reward yourself in a meaningful manner immediately anytime you do what you set out to do
  • Come back to this exercise as often as needed until the new you feels natural

In addition some practices or disciplines may help you succeed with ease, such as prayer, meditation, yoga, reiki or a life coach

And if you still feel challenged to achieve meaningful change on a critical aspect of your life, consider reaching out to a licensed professional therapist

Wishing you success in making the changes needed for realizing your full potential for happiness

Gilberto Arias

Published by Gilberto Arias

Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, MBA and Business Owner Sharing from my knowledge and experience to help you achieve lasting personal and organizational change to improve your world

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